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Organic YouTube Ads Rocket Package
Organic YouTube Ads Rocket Package

Organic YouTube Ads Rocket Package

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$ 50.00
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EFFECTIVE 2-25-21, We have noticed that the views we previously were applying to YT videos were frequently dropping due to the 2021 YT new video algorithm not counting views less than 30 seconds of view time. We have now switched over to promoting videos thru strictly YT Organic Ad views, These views are %100 real, and never drop.

10,000 Views 100 Subscribers 200 Likes and 10 Comments for $50!!!


★ RAV™ - Real & Active Mobile Views
★ Traffic Source from Direct Advertisement Ad before main video or Up Next Video 

✔️ Views include REAL User Engagements!

⚠ Video Must be PUBLIC & Unrestricted & Open to all countries with no restrictions. 

10,000 Views 100 Subscribers 100 Likes and 10 Comments

20,000 Views 200 Subscribers 250 Likes and 30 Comments

50,000 Views 500 Subscribers 400 Likes and 50 Comments

100,000 Views 1,000 Subscribers 500 Likes and 100 Comments

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