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Tik Tok Promo Packages
Tik Tok Promo Packages

Tik Tok Promo Packages

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TikTok users create and post short videos, occasionally with artistic filters and always set to music. Videos can earn hundreds of thousands of likes, garner followers for the poster and land on public feeds.

TikTok recently unseated Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat as the top free app in the App Store.

Just submit video link when checking out to have promo applied. 


Promo 1 

1000 Tik Tok Followers 
2000 Tik Tok Likes 
10000 Tik Tok Views 

Promo 2

5,000 Tik Tok Followers
5,000 Tik Tok Likes
30,000 Tik Tok Views

Promo 3

15,000 Tik Tok Followers
20,000 Tik Tok Likes
100,000 Tik Tok Views

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