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If you know anything about TikTok, you’ll know that Likes can be influential in the extreme. But what you might not now is how common it is for users of the platform to buy TikTok Likes in surprisingly large quantities. The question being - to what extent do you stand to benefit if you go ahead and buy TikTok Likes? Perhaps more importantly, is it even safe or advisable to buy TikTok Hearts and Likes, or should you stick with accumulating them the old-fashioned way?


Who Needs TikTok Promo?

Whichever way you look at it, social media in general is one big popularity contest. The more Followers you have and the more popular you appear, the better. Particularly if you’re running a business or using social media for commercial reasons.

You need all the popularity and acclaim you can lay your hands on. It’s just that with TikTok, popularity is just about the only thing that matters. Among TikTok’s 200 million also users worldwide, social signals like these make all the difference.

Before checking anything out on TikTok, you make a subconscious note of how many Likes it has collected so far. If it’s a lot, you know (or assume) you’re in for something good. If it’s not many Likes at all, you assume the exact opposite.

This is why it’s important to occasionally take a step back and consider what your TikTok Likes (or lack thereof) are saying about your content. Considering the competition and the fact that you’re competing in the world’s biggest popularity contest.


Why Buy TikTok Promo?

All of the above provides a pretty decent summary as to why it makes sense to buy TikTok Promo. When you publish something on TikTok, you want every person that comes across it to take it seriously and rate it highly. Not to mention, contribute their own Likes, Views and whatnot.

The problem being that all content published on TikTok starts out with zero Likes. The total tally may grow gradually, but in the meantime anyone who sees it doesn’t get the most inspiring first impression.

As an alternative, why not buy TikTok Promo to boost the appeal of your content from the moment it goes live? This is the single most common motivation behind those who buy TikTok Promo on a regular basis.

It’s entirely down to you to ensure your content is taken seriously, so why not take a more proactive approach? Buying TikTok promo doesn’t alter the quality of your content - it simply ensures it carries a stronger and more meaningful message.


Why Buy TikTok Likes from Media Kings?

Media Kings has been around since the dawn of TikTok, providing an extensive range of promotional products and packages of unbeatable quality and value for money. We specialize exclusively in 100% safe TikTok Likes Views and Followers, which across the board are sourced exclusively from active and authentic accounts based all over the world and USA.

The way we see it, if you’re going to pay for TikTok Likes, they may as well be the best in the business. 

Just submit video link when checking out to have promo applied. 


Promo 1 

1000 Tik Tok Followers 
2000 Tik Tok Likes 
10000 Tik Tok Views 

Promo 2

5,000 Tik Tok Followers
5,000 Tik Tok Likes
30,000 Tik Tok Views

Promo 3

15,000 Tik Tok Followers
20,000 Tik Tok Likes
100,000 Tik Tok Views