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YouTube Megalodon Package
YouTube Megalodon Package

YouTube Megalodon Package

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$ 1,200.00
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Media Kings is offering you a the complete Youtube package that will take your to the top!. It does not matter if you are started Vlogging, or just interested in spreading some basic, funny, or informational information. We have a way to help you stand out from the crowd. Offering you a higher starting point than all other channels. 

The Package Includes:

Views - An impressive 500,000 views is the only way to make a difference in the youtube world. No video under the mark gains any attraction from everyday watches. Which is why we ensure that you are able to get your message out there.

Subscriptions - We include 5000 authentic subscriptions that will help you achieve real followers and video watchers. Making sure you have a steady following that keeps your video ranking up.

Likes - With approximately 8,000 authentic likes we can help you achieve a new ranking in no time. As soon as the video starts getting hot, it will automatically gain momentum.

Comments - The package includes approximately 1000 comments by active YouTubers from around the world. These comments are authentic and appropriate matching the content.

What makes us stand apart from others is the fact that each view, subscription, like, and comment is genuine. We do not use any bots to get things done, keeping your account in the clear. While offering you the support you need to naturally increase your ranking.

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