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Why Buy IMDB Genuine Ratings?

Purchasing IMDB ratings from us is the best way to help promote your film on the world's most popular and authoritative movie database website.

Increasing your IMDB ratings for your film will not only make your film genuinely look popular but it will also increase you’re ranking and compete with other major films.

IMDB is used by industry professionals and having an active film on IMDB with
high ratings can provide you with major opportunities in the film industry. Increasing your ratings will also help you get more sales, reviews and genuine interest about your film.

The whole point of increasing your IMDB ratings is to help create authenticity, clear branding and to put a point across that your film is - A highly rated film that everyone in the industry and audiences worldwide should watch.

This is a perfect marketing option for filmmakers looking to make it big in the industry.

So what are you waiting for? The opportunities are endless.

Order now and get famous!

Is blueflamemarketing.us safe to use? Will my video or page get deleted?

We guarantee you 100% that no video, page or any URL you provide us with will get deleted.
All our marketing services are genuine and authentic, meaning no bots or programs. We have been around for the last decade and have provided filmmakers, musicians and global brands nothing but guaranteed success.


Get Casted with IMDb’s Starmeter Ratings

The entertainment industry is a riot. It is crazy. It can sometimes be confusing, but there’s always a silver lining: it pays. It lets you in its wonderful world and once you’re in, you’re part of all its silver rollercoaster journey. You’re making history by actually being part of it. However, you can consider it rocket science for you to be able to break the chain separating you from the glorious world of show business. It takes a lot of hard work. You must know a lot of connections, you must have the right attitude, the talent, the star quality, the go-getter personality, and probably a hundred strokes of luck.


Starmeter and its Purpose

Starmeter is another offering made by IMDb to show the level of public awareness regarding specific celebrities, actors, actresses, or amateurs. The website uses algorithms to measure the rankings of each person included in their database. It is mainly about popularity that is quantified according to page views. Because IMDb has over a million users visiting their site, it also serves as a perfect opportunity for an actor to get noticed.

Popularity may not exactly mean getting you your dream role, but it sure does put a shed of a limelight on you. It is no secret that it is difficult to claw your way in the dog eat dog world of show business, but with putting an effort to augment your online rankings, you are putting yourself a step above the rest.


Why should IMDB Views be purchased?

IMDB Views can be a strong gauge of popularity among the movie fanatics. This Internet Movie Database directly influences the marketing strategy of the entertainment industry involved online. The greater number of ‘views’ posted on the database suggests that the movie is interesting, entertaining and worth watching. The Moviemakers and show producers who desire ultimate success will enhance the number by making purchases. It might seem an investment but this investment is required for ultimate profit. These purchased views will provide them with streaming traffic and excited viewers. These primary viewers will further provide feedback, reviews and most importantly the added ‘views’. These added views will lure more public and help in winning great applause as well as revenues and profits.