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Spotify Promotion Package $Earn Royalty Money$


  • Description

    Do you want to have more Spotify plays and build your audience? With real and fast Spotify streams you will improve your ranking in the charts. Give your song the exposure it deserves, with our Spotify plays and your track will automatically increase in the Spotify Ranking. We ensure you that totally unique users will stream your track, so all plays are absolutely real and eligible for royalties. That’s a win win!

    These packages will put your music in front of those who need to recognize your talent.

    Please allow 30 days for services to reflect on account. 


    Bronze Package Estimated Royalty Payout: $55 - $80

    10-15 Days Completion

    10,000 Spotify Plays
    1,000 Spotify Followers
    1,000 Spotify Saves

    Silver Package Estimated Royalty Payout: $500 - $750

    30-45 Days Completion

    100,000 Spotify Plays
    10,000 Spotify Followers
    10,000 Spotify Saves

    100 Spotify Premium Playlists 


    Gold Package Estimated Royalty Payout: $2,350 - $2,750

    60-75 Days Completion

    320,000 Spotify Plays 
    30,000 Spotify Followers
    30,000 Spotify Saves
    300 Spotify Premium Playlists


    Platinum Package Estimated Royalty Payout: $3,650 - 3,700

    120-160 Days Completion

    750,000 Spotify Plays
    65,000 Spotify Followers
    50,000 Spotify Saves
    500 Spotify Premium Playlists


    Diamond Package Estimated Royalty Payout: $4,600 - $4,950

    165- 220 Days Completion

    1,200,000 Spotify Plays
    100,000 Spotify Followers
    100,000 Spotify Saves
    700 Spotify Premium Playlists



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